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When you decide to purchase a SuperiorRoads product, we put you in the driver’s seat right from the beginning. Each pothole patcher is customizable so that it fits your needs, and the characteristics of the environment in which you are using it. Our SuperiorRoads representative will go through our list of options with you and help you customize your SuperiorRoads patcher so it is the optimum solution for you.


Once the order has been finalized, our team gets to work. Our focus is always on manufacturing a top-of-the line product, sourcing only high quality components and focusing on manufacturing rugged and reliable products.


Although we build equipment that’s very easy to operate and maintain, we believe that training is an integral part of your new product purchase. When you receive a SuperiorRoads pothole patcher, we ensure that part of the package is both operator and maintenance training.

Superior Roads machine operation

Learning to use a Python 5000

SuperiorRoads Solutions offers parts and service for all the equipment it manufactures and distributes.

Python 5000 parts

SuperiorRoads Solutions and its manufacturing arm, Python Manufacturing, are headquartered in Regina, Canada. Python Manufacturing has branch office in Seoul, South Korea.

The Python 5000 (originally called Patchrite) was first developed by Sweeprite Mfg., a company that was founded in the 1970s

old and new

Sweeprite was later re-named Python Manufacturing in 2012 and re-branded as SuperiorRoads Solutions in August 2014. In November, 2017 new owners - SmartAir Chamber - purchased the Pothole Patcher line. The products are now manufactured by Python Manufacturing Ltd. and sold by SuperiorRoads Solutions.

While the name and some of the faces have changed over the years, the commitment to quality and innovative, reliable products remains the same.

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