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Explore testimonials, case studies, awards, and more showcasing the outstanding performance of our Python® series. Learn how this innovative pothole patching machine revolutionizes road maintenance and delivers superior results. Gain insights into its advanced features, exceptional durability, and cost-effective solutions. Find inspiration from real-world success stories and see why Python® is preferred for efficient, high-quality road repairs. Unleash the potential of Python® and elevate your road maintenance strategies today.

■ Youtube, 'Python® 5000+: The Game-Changer in Hollywood's Road Maintenance'

At SuperiorRoads, we're proud of the groundbreaking solutions our Python® series offers. Hollywood's embrace of the Python® 5000+ stands as a testament to its unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

Nicholas Sheffield, a Heavy Equipment Operator from Hollywood's Public Works division, warmly introduces: "Hello, how are you doing? I'm Nicholas Sheffield, one of the heavy equipment operators in the Public Works division here in Hollywood. This piece of equipment that you see behind me is what many refer to as the Python® 5000. It's revolutionized how we address potholes in our city. What used to be a task for a three-man crew shovelling asphalt out of a truck has been streamlined to a one-man operation, thanks to this machine. It's been a game-changer for us in Hollywood. I'm thrilled to introduce you to what we know as the Python® 5000."

Keith Shakes, the Street Maintenance Supervisor from Hollywood's Public Works, elaborates on the machine's capabilities: "The Python® 5000 is truly remarkable. It can graze the pothole, spray out the debris, pave the asphalt, water it, roll it, and then swiftly move on to the next task. The backup camera system provides a 360-degree view, ensuring safety and precision. The belt-driven mechanism offers flexibility, allowing us to adjust the boom as needed. And the one-ton roll at the front? It guarantees a smooth finish every time."

P.S. A little insider tip: While many might call it the Python® 5000, the show's real star is the Python® 5000+. If you ever spot the decal on the front right of the machine, you'll know the plus makes all the difference! The main difference between the Python® 5000 and the Python® 5000+ lies in their engines and intended regions. The Python® 5000 uses a Tier 3 engine, ideal for areas outside North America and Europe with limited Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel access. In contrast, the Python® 5000+ sports a Tier 4 Final engine tailored for North American and European standards.

■ Tweet, 'Python® 5000 Receives Overwhelming Consumer Support and Expectations in Winnipegger.'

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In April 2023, we were honoured to have an opportunity to showcase our innovative product, Python® 5000, on CJOB, a central radio station in Winnipeg, Canada. During the interview, we demonstrated how Python® 5000 outperforms other options in the market by highlighting its various features and benefits through real-world examples. We were thrilled that our message resonated with the listeners, as demonstrated by the results of the Python® 5000 poll conducted by the radio station. Over 96% of participants expressed their interest in purchasing our product, which is a testament to the quality and value we provide to our customers.

Here is the summary of the interview.
"Ben Kang, the CFO of SuperiorRoads Solutions, was interviewed by Hal Anderson, the host of 680 CJOB, about the Canadian-made Python® 5000 pothole patching machine. The machine is self-propelled and requires only one operator to clean the site, spread tek oils, convey materials, and compact the asphalt pavement defects like potholes, cracks, trenches, and other surface irregularities. The Python® 5000 is currently being used in many cities in Canada, such as Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Montreal, and Ottawa, and potential sales to the city of Toronto are being discussed. The machine can repair small to medium size potholes from start to finish in about two minutes, and the cost is worth the time and effort saved. Ben Kang believes that two to three machines would cover the entire city of Winnipeg, which has a population of 800,000 people. The Python® 5000 keeps road walkers safe, protects vehicles and drivers from damage caused by poorly maintained roads, and delivers economic benefits to citizens and subcontractors." 
*According to environmental standards, the official product being used in Winnipeg is not Python® 5000 but Python® 5000+. To learn more about this, click here.

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Ver. 1.00 / Last Updated: 10 May 2023

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Ver. 1.00 / Last Updated: 10 May 2023

■ Tweet, 'Mayor Scott Gillingham, Mayor of Winnipeg, Announces Exciting Plans for Python® 5000+ Demo!'

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Mayor Scott Gillingham announced that the City of Winnipeg is planning to host a demo event for the Python® 5000+ during the summer of 2023. The mayor is currently in discussions with our company to finalize the details. This is excellent news for our innovative pothole solution, and we're excited to showcase its capabilities in Winnipeg.

The City of Winnipeg is set to showcase the impressive capabilities of The Python® 5000+ this summer. As a self-propelled pothole patching machine, it swiftly and efficiently repairs potholes in less than two minutes. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures as low as minus-40C, it proves to be an ideal choice for cities across Canada in tackling their road maintenance challenges.
“HAL’S HEADLINES: City to demo pothole Python” WINNIPEG SUN, Apr 2023.

■ Tweet, 'Experience the Power of Python 5000: Transforming Pothole Repair in Ottawa.'

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Discover the groundbreakingPython® 5000+, a game-changer in pothole patching technology. Watch the video showcasing the Python® 5000+ in action as it efficiently operates on highways in Ottawa. Our Python® 5000+ units have already filled over 11,300 potholes this year in Ottawa.

■ Article, CTV NEWS
Spring in Ottawa means pothole season, but now the city has a new tool to help fill those pesky craters faster - the Python® 5000+. This mobile, self-contained unit can fill a pothole in under two minutes, without the need for full traffic control setup. With four of these units, the city is fighting back against potholes and keeping drivers safe on busy roads.
"New Python 5000 helps city of Ottawa fill potholes faster" CTV NEWS, Apr 2023.

Discover the relentless efforts of Greater Sudbury's Python® 5000+ in combating potholes. With over 830 tonnes of asphalt placed during the 2022-23 winter season, equivalent to filling 20,750 potholes, our innovative machine ensures smooth roads year-round. Learn how the Python® 5000+, despite weather limitations, efficiently operates to keep the city's roads safe and well-maintained.
"Greater Sudbury's Python 5000 being kept pretty busy" SUDBURY STAR, Mar 2023.


Evaluating Automatic Pothole Patching Equipment, Caltrans Division of Research, Innovation and System Information (DRISI) February 2015. “During one deployment operation, workers were able to fill 75 potholes and seven longitudinal voids in two hours, demonstrating unprecedented pothole patching productivity and efficiency with minimal impact on roadway traffic by using rolling lane closures.” The research also determined that the repairs produced by the Python® 5000+ outlasted all other methods covered by the study.
[1] “Continued Evaluation of Pothole Patching Equipment, Materials, and Processes" California Department of Transportation, June 2014.


The Python 5000 takes what used to be a six-step job requiring a multiple-man team that could take hours and completes it in two minutes with a single operator. Sounds pretty simple: blast rock/water/dirt out of the pothole with a shot of air, wait for operator to spray oil (so the asphalt will bond), pour asphalt, tamp down with big scary robot arm.
"Python Truck Fixes Potholes in Two Minutes Flat" POPULAR SCIENCE, Mar 2012.

■ Article, PAVEMAN PRO
No matter how you calculate it, a town or city can see substantial savings – in saved lives, reduced resurfacing costs and reduced cost of vehicle repairs for its citizens – by simply investing in a Python 5000 pothole patcher.
“Saving Money With A Python 5000 Pothole Patcher", Apr 2011.

What are the benefits of using Python®?

Speed: Python® fills potholes in just a few minutes faster than traditional manual methods, ensuring efficient repairs.

Efficiency: Utilizing a computer-controlled process, Python® ensures uniform and high-quality patches, optimizing the effectiveness of pothole repairs.

Durability: The specially designed patching material used by Python® lasts longer than traditional alternatives, reducing the frequency of future repairs.

Safety: By using Python® to patch potholes significantly reduces the risk of accidents caused by road potholes, promoting safer driving conditions.

Cost-effectiveness: While Python® requires an initial investment, its long-term benefits include cost savings by minimizing the need for frequent pothole repairs.

In summary, incorporating Python® for pothole patching offers a superior approach that enhances efficiency, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness in road maintenance, ultimately ensuring safer driving conditions.

Why Python® is better.
An infographic explains why Python® is superior to competing products and conventional methods.

Labour RequiredAverage Time To RepairRoad BlockingWork Safety


Python® 5000 / 5000+

• Repairs potholes in less than two minutes[1] • Deal with potholes as they appear all year round • Thoroughly compacted repairs outlast the surrounding road • Single operator • Operator stays safely inside the cab and away from traffic • Only requires rolling traffic closure on the busiest highways • Able to work in adverse weather conditions • Non-face-to-face one-person work possible

Conventional Methods

• Inefficient for smaller repairs • Potholes usually left to grow for weeks • Throw-and-go results only temporary • Two to five workers required • Repair crews exposed to the traffic • Road blockages and major traffic restrictions required • Require 1+ hour to use the road after work

Python® 5000 / 5000+

• Genuine asphalt produced with quality controls • Operates well in nearly all weather • Thoroughly compacts up to 30 cm • Clean, compacted patches ready for immediate traffic

Spray patcher

• Inconsistent mix of emulsion & rocks, dependent on operator • Requires good weather • No compaction • Leaves dangerous rocks and messy emulsion behind