Python® 5000+ (Tier 4 Final)
Inside of North America or Europe + All other countries require ULSD fuel

The Python® 5000+ has the same great patching abilities as our tried and true Python® 5000. The Python® 5000+, however, features a Tier 4 Final, Cummins engine to meet current environmental standards. It can repair potholes in nearly all weather conditions, at a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost of other methods. It keeps road workers safe and protects vehicles and drivers from damage and injury caused by poorly maintained roads. 
The Python® 5000+ makes long-lasting repairs using standard asphalt mixes – either hot or cold and has the unique ability to make continuous repairs to long cracks and joins in the road. One person can keep your roads in good repair all year round.

• Gross Weight: 28,120 lbs. (12,760 kg) 
• Curb Weight: 17,900 lbs. (8,120 kg)

Cummins QSB 4.5, EPA Tier 4 Final Engine

• Manufacturer: Cummins QSB 4.5, EPA Tier 4 Final / EU Stage IV
• Power Rating: 173 HP (129 kW) @2500 rpm 
• Peak Torque: 520 lb.ft. (705 N-m) @1500 rpm - Displacement: 275 cu. in. (4.5 litres)


• Fast patching: an average-sized hole can be patched in just two minutes
• Quality patches: hydraulic pressure controlled roller provides quality compaction and a semi-permanent patch that will outlast the surrounding surface
• Repairs utility cuts and long cracks in one continuous operation-channelling the asphalt into the crack and compacting it on-the-go
• Works in sub-zero temperatures or in rain
• Travels at highway speeds to and from the job site
• All functions are controlled from inside the cab by a single joystick
• Multi-axis working arm gives a full range of control - side to side, forward or reverse
• Working arm extends to 4 feet from under the cab, with 6 feet of side-to-side motion
• The exact amount of asphalt is delivered to the exact location
• Dispenses all standard hot or cold asphalt mixes
• Keeps hot asphalt and warms cold mix asphalt
• Operator stays in the cab for a safer and more comfortable working environment
• Clear visibility for driver/operator

• Cooling System: Liquid Cooled Permanent Antifreeze l Radiator Front Area: 455 Sq. in. (2936 sq cm) l Radiator Thickness: 3.5 in. (89 mm) l Fan Diameter: 23 in. (584 mm)
• Tires: Front: 11R22.5 l Rear: 315/80/R22.5
• Steering: Tilt Power Steering
• Brakes: 4 Drum Brakes, Hydraulic Assist Power Brakes with Electric Fail-Safe System
• Instrumentation (Multiview Display Gauges): Fuel Gauge, Battery Voltage, Tachometer, Hour Meter, Speedometer, Odometer, Coolant Temperature, Engine Oil Pressure, Hydraulic Oil Pressure, Hydrostatic Pressure
• Capacity (approx): Asphalt: 9,920 lbs. (4,500 kg) l Tack Oil: 50 Gallons (189 litres) l Water Tank: 25 Gallons (95 litres) l Chemical Tank: 15 Gallons (57 litres)
• Transmission: Hydrostatic Drive System, Capable of 50 mph (80 km/h) unless limited to comply with local regulations.
• Fuel Tank Capacity: 69 Gallons (261 Litres)
• Air Filter: 2 Stage Dry Type
• Front Axle: Steerable Drive Axle, Leaf Spring Suspension w/ Air Bag
• Compaction Roller: 62 lbs./linear inch (11 kg/linear cm)
• Rear Axle: Leaf Spring Suspension with Air Bag
• Operator Cab: Heater and Air Conditioner l Air Ride Operator Seat l Training Seat

• Electrical: Alternator - DC 12V 100A l Battery - DC 12V 3 x 800 CCA l Horn - Standard
• Lighting: Headlights with Hi/Low Beam & Integrated Signal Lights Combination Turn/Tail/Brake and Backup Lights, Side Marker Lights, Rear ID Lights, Front Strobe Lights, Cab Mounted Work Lights