G1 Gutter Broom

Make your sweeping more efficient and effective by pre-sweeping your gutters with the SuperiorRoads G1 Gutter Broom.
The G1 aggressively pre-sweeps your gutters, more economically than using a blade and more cost effectively than pre-sweeping them with your street sweeper.

The G1 attaches to any skid steer with a quick attach plate and hydraulics.

  • Gutter Broom Street Sweeper

    G1 aggressively pre-sweeps your gutters more efficiently and effectively

  • Sidewalk Sweeper

    Spring-protected broom prevents damage from obstacles

  • Curb Sweep

    Adjustable deflector keeps debris from hitting vehicles

  • Skid Steer Attachment

    G1 attaches to any skid steer with a quick attach plate and hydraulics


  • Can be run on either the left or right side
  • Easily visible from cab of skid steer
  • Broom down pressure and tilt adjustments
  • Adjustable attack angle
  • Spring-protected broom to prevent damage from obstacles
  • Spring-loaded carbide shoes follow uneven terrain
  • Adjustable centre deflector to keep debris from hitting vehicles
  • Water-spray ready with 5-nozzle spray bar spraying water at 180°; 1.4 gallon per minute water pump
  • Optional water tank
  • Easily maintained



  • 48" bristle diameter on 34" plate
  • 5-section wire broom


  • 10 gal/min, 60-120 rpm


  • 1.4 gal/min