Sweeper - S3

The most powerful sweeping system in the industry! The S3 takes on millings, trash, sand, gravel, dirt, leaves, bottles and paper. Even grindings left behind by milling operations are no problem for the S3. That’s because the S3 has four dedicated hydraulic pumps – one for each of the gutter brooms, the main broom and the elevator.

  • Street Sweeper

    The SuperiorRoads S3 Sweeper is known for power, performance, reliability and usability

  • Street Sweeper

    You get to choose – cab-over or conventional chassis, single or dual operator steering.

  • Street Sweeper

    Each gutter broom has its own dedicated hydraulic pump, so they are reversible and can be adjusted left, right, up and down.

  • Street Sweeper

    All the brooms are free floating, which allows them to follow the contour of the road’s surface. The hydraulic down-pressure control is a set-and-forget system.

  • Street Sweeper

    The S3 has dual water tanks dual water tanks Which allows for a balanced load instead of having all the weight of the water tank hanging on the back.

  • Street Sweeper

    SuperiorRoads sweepers are built on truck chassis that we choose for their reliability and operator

  • Street Sweeper

    The console is conveniently located between the operator stations. A single-button Start/Stop System allows the driver to operate sweeper functions without looking at the control panel.

  • Street Sweeper

    Sweep longer between dumps with the 6 cubic yard volumetric hopper, one of the largest in the industry. The centre mounted hopper and conveyor configuration provides even load distribution.

  • Street Sweeper

    Our direct lift system lifts the hopper with the hydraulic cylinder. The scissors are used to guide the hopper. Dumping heights are infinitely variable from 21” to 138”.

  • Street Sweeper

    All service points are accessible on SuperiorRoads S3 Sweepers.

  • Street Sweeper

    Choose from a sweeper that has no greasable points, one that you manually grease, or one that automatically takes care of the job.

  • Durable Street Sweeper

    The durable squeegee-type elevator puts more debris into the hopper quickly and efficiently. You choose between our standard chain conveyor or a belt-type conveyor.

Overview:pm10 sm

  • Powerful sweeping system
  • Easy to operate. Simple to maintain
  • Free-floating, fully adjustable gutter brooms follow the contour of the road surface
  • Patented water saver system keeps dust to a minimum and uses less water. PM-10 Certified
  • Durable, low maintenance elevator puts more debris into the hopper faster
  • Long-lasting chain drive or optional belt-drive elevator
  • 6 cu yd volumetric capacity hopper
  • Infinitely variable height dumping from 21" to 138"
  • Centre-mounted hopper ensures even load distribution
  • Lexan windows give you a clear view of hopper
  • All serviceable parts easily accessible, no grease points
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Your choice of single or dual steering
  • Excellent operator visibility and comfort



  • Sweeping path: 120” (3,048 mm)
  • Overall height: 116” (2,946 mm)
  • Overall length: 288” (7,315 mm)
  • Width: 102” (2,591 mm)
  • Empty weight: 20,400 lbs. (9 523 kg)
  • Hopper capacity: 6.0 cu. yards volumetric
  • Dump height max: 138” (3,505 mm)
  • Wheelbase: 140” (3,556 mm)
  • GVWR: 33,000 lbs (14,982 kg)


  • Manufacturer: Yanmar
  • Model: 4TNV98T, 4 cylinder turbo diesel
  • Displacement: 3.3 liter
  • Rated horsepower: 83 hp @ 2500 rpm
  • Torque: 220 ft-lbs. @ 1200 rpm


  • Hydraulic direct drive: variable and reversible
  • Diameter: 36” (914 mm)
  • Steel core: 60” (1,524 mm) long


  • Multiview Electronic Display: tachometer and hour meter, engine oil pressure gauge, engine coolant temperature gauge
  • Warning lights: elevator stall, low water, hydraulic temperature, hydraulic low levell


  • Tank capacity: 60 gallons US
  • Pump: Quad gear pump
  • Pump Capacity: 40 gpm
  • Controls: electric over hydraulic
  • Hydraulic drive motors: all interchangeable
  • Hydraulic fluid cooler: air to oil - electric fan


  • Squeegee-type heavy duty roller type system
  • Hydraulic direct drive, variable speed and reversible
  • Relief valve protected


  • Material volume: 6.0 cu yd volumetric
  • Maximum dump height: 138” (3,505 mm)
  • Minimum dump height: 21” (533 mm)
  • Right side dumping: standard
  • Dump capacity: 14,000 lbs  (6350 kg)


  • Number of brooms: 2
  • Diameter: 50” (1,270 mm)
  • Number of segments: 4
  • Hydraulic direct drive: reversible
  • Adjustment: independent left, right, up & down
  • Controls: pressure & wear
  • Design: free-floating hydraulic suspensionn


  • Water Saver System
  • Capacity: 370 Gallons
  • Tank material: polyethylene
  • Electric pump (2): Diaphragm, 3.0 gpm
  • Water system material: non-corrosive