We're in business to make roads safer.
We are in the business of reducing all possible risks on the road so that both drivers and road workers can use roads safely. The first move we took to achieve our mission was to develop, evolve and distribute a machine that automatically patches potholes in a safe cabin by one operator without blocking the road. Python® is thus the first challenge to fulfill our company mission.

Python® promotes safety for both drivers and road workers. By patching potholes quickly, Python® protects drivers by reducing on-road hazards and also reduces risk to workers by enabling them to work in a safe working environment.

Slowly but surely, we will achieve our mission.

Core Values
Our values are ensuring the safety of all drivers on the road, road workers, and mobile assets on the road.

We regard safety as the number one value in our business. As a company that conducts business to ensure road safety, safety is the most significant value in all business areas.

We produce the most efficient products. We manufacture products that protect human safety on behalf of the human workforce, and we do the best we can to produce the most cost-effective products.

We always maintain cutting-edge technology to realize the above values.


Our slogan is our promise to continue to raise the bar toward achieving our mission.

Python SuperiorRoads is headquartered in Regina, SK, Canada. The Python® 5000 (originally called Patchrite) was first developed by Sweeprite Mfg., a company that was founded in the 1970s. 
Sweeprite was later re-named Python Manufacturing in 2012 and re-branded as SuperiorRoads Solutions in August 2014. In November 2017, new owners - Smart Air Chamber - purchased the Pothole Patcher line. The products are now manufactured by Python SuperiorRoads in Canada. While the name and some of the faces have changed over the years, the commitment to quality and innovative, reliable products remains the same.